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The Family Tree.

This page contains photographs from my grandfather Arthur Durston's collection. He was born at Bleadon England on April 5, 1863, and died at Griswold Manitoba on January 14, 1929. He left a legacy of fourteen children between two wives, and a photograph album with very few people identified. This page is primarily for Durston Family Researchers in order that they might access my photograph file.

Please contact the author at for further information. There are currently more than 2500 entries in my family database. Click here to view names list

The following locations contain pictures of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, a family group photo of them with their family, and other related pictures and stories.

  1. Thomas Durston and Jane Esgar Graves.
  2. The family of Thomas Durston and Martha Southery Green
  3. Thomas Durston, of Bleadon.
  4. Martha Southery Green (Durston).
  5. Catherine Anne Durston, and her pictures of the farm
  6. Anthony Durston.
  7. Arthur Durston 
  8. Tom Cary Durston, Sailor .
  9. William Arthur Durston, WWI Soldier
  10. Emilie Joan Smale (British Home Child)
  11. Albert Charles Durston


Other Places on this site

  1. Durstons in Iowa
  2. And for Donogh researchers.
  3. Roland Donogh – WWI Soldier
  4. Oliver Roland Donogh – WWII Soldier

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